Stephanie Stewart

Candidate for Makin

Hi, I’m Stephanie.

I’m running as your Greens candidate for Makin because I’m passionate about tackling the recycling and waste crisis, as well as creating a fairer, greener future for coming generations.

I’m an avid nature lover and a dedicated grandparent to three grandchildren.

I’m an advocate for high-quality, accessible public education and hospital services. And as an animal rights advocate, I hope to see the end of live trade exports and the caged eggs industry.

With a strong passion for the environment, I have been involved in many campaigns to reduce waste and unnecessary plastics. In June 2018, in conjunction with Greenpeace, I initiated a Plastics Awareness Attack which ended successfully with the big supermarkets Coles and Woolworths pledging to reduce to use of unnecessary plastic on fresh produce.

Now retired, I have a background in real estate and have previously completed a Bachelor of Arts in Indigenous Studies and Cultural Tourism. I am a strong advocate for peaceful activism, and I believe Australia needs a true grassroots democracy based on dialogue, diplomacy and cooperation.

Together, I believe we can build that.

Stephanie Stewart

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