Arts and Culture

South Australia is home to exceptional creative talent across diverse art forms. The Greens value the role of arts and culture in our society and will properly fund an independent arts sector and support our artists.

A vibrant, diverse, and innovative arts sector is at the heart of any thriving society. Strong creative industries not only enrich our community, but are a significant and growing contributor to our economy and employment. A fair economy and a fair society should work for all South Australians, but successive Governments have failed to adequately support the Arts in South Australia.

The Greens have a strong commitment to supporting and promoting an independent and thriving Australian arts sector through increased levels of public funding and supporting targeted programs and incentives to enable the arts to grow.

Artists entertain, challenge, and inspire us and are at the core of our cultural life, yet they often struggle to make a living. We need to ensure that artists can secure a living wage and to help them save and plan for their retirement. The Greens value the important role that artists play in driving our cultural life and believe that they should be paid to reflect the value that they add to our society.

The South Australian Greens believe that:

  • Artistic and cultural expression and engagement are fundamental aspects of social wellbeing
  • Access to diverse and innovative artistic and cultural experiences should be available to all Australians
  • Australian arts, cultural assets and heritage should be protected, celebrated and promoted both within Australia and internationally
  • Australian artists play an essential role in our nation’s cultural life and identify and should be fostered and supported
  • The arts make a valuable contribution to the nation’s economy and support for the arts represents an important economic, as well as social, investment
  • Arts practice should be recognised and treated as a legitimate occupation by government
  • Freedom of artistic expression is integral to a diverse and vibrant national culture and should be upheld through funding arrangements that are free from political interference
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and their work represent cultures and heritage which are unique to Australia and must be supported, respected and appropriately protected through legislation, policy, and funding priorities
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage including language, knowledge, rituals and stories must be recognised and preserved
  • Australia’s diverse multicultural artists and their work represent cultures and heritages which are unique to Australia and must be supported, respected and appropriately protected through legislation, policy, and funding priorities
  • National libraries and collecting institutions are collecting institutions are essential to our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world, and must be maintained and developed as important custodians of our cultural heritage
  • Specialist artistic education and training programs provide a unique learning environment for aspiring artists and should be well funded and resourced
  • Arts in education is vital
  • Artists have the right to retain intellectual property and royalties
  • Funding arrangements must be free from political interference

The South Australian Greens want:

  • Increase in funding, grants, support, and start-ups for the Arts sector
    • Increasing existing grants by 40% and supporting peer-assessed grants
    • Creating an innovation and experimentation fund for the arts industry
    • Establishing a fellowship for established artists
    • Providing support and funding to kickstart the careers of young and emerging artists
  • Rural and regional arts supported/maintained
  • Support and promotion of community radio and TV 
  • Funding for state libraries
  • Funding and support for film and TV programs in the Arts industry
  • For artists to have access to job security, a living wage, and superannuation supplements
  • Artists to have the right to negotiate royalties, visual arts and intellectual property
  • Encouragement for philanthropy
  • For the Arts to be accessible to all
  • To encourage and support young people and emerging artists in the arts industry
  • Support for educational and community arts by ensuring we have a rich and diverse arts curriculum
  • Support for rural youth arts and provide opportunities in rural and regional areas and in areas of social and economic disadvantage
  • To increase arts spaces and venues, and to support existing venues
  • Support artists in overseas markets but also provide opportunities so that they can stay in South Australia
  • Consistent state and federal support and involvement in planning, funding, and implementing arts programs
  • To encourage local government and more small businesses to support arts through philanthropy, sponsorship and in policy
  • To ensure any trade agreement does not adversely affect Australian artists and cultural expression
  • Support the programs and arts companies we currently have, as well as make room for new innovations