A Burning Issue

A Better Way to Reduce Bushfire Risk

Bushfire risk is part of the Australian landscape. However, extreme fire weather danger has increased since the 1970s. The risk of severe bushfires will continue to increase due to climate change, the result of increasing temperatures, more frequent, intense and prolonged heatwaves, and declining rainfall.

Taking Action

The Greens believe preservation of human life is paramount. We must protect human life and preserve our built and natural assets. A well-resourced emergency services sector is an essential asset for a safer, more secure community.

The Greens will:

  • Commit to ongoing well-funded education and training programs for those who live in high-risk areas, to ensure communities become ‘fire smart’ and are adequately prepared for a bushfire;
  • Provide rebates for installation of approved residential fire safety systems funded by the Emergency Services Levy;
  • Ensure improved maintenance of all power lines by power distribution companies and promote undergrounding of power lines where possible;
  • Boost resourcing to properly recruit, train and equip our Country Fire Service brigades; 
  • Fund $50K to establish at least one Reserve Brigade and provide for existing brigades to establish surge capacity based in the metropolitan and peri urban areas;
  • Replace mandatory burn quotas with evidence-based, fluctuating hazard reduction burns to reduce fuel loads at appropriate times in bushfire prone areas;
  • Create communal public safety areas and support fire-proofing of public and community buildings, in high-risk areas;
  • Improve early-warning systems, including SMS and telephone alerts to residents in affected areas; and
  • Greater regulation of controlled burns to ensure they are kept under control and to prevent fires escaping.

Additionally, the increasing severity of bushfire seasons highlights the need to tackle climate change. The Greens see reducing our greenhouse gas emissions as a responsibility that can’t be ignored.