Caring For Carers

A better way to look after carers

Many people in South Australia are caring for a loved one. This valuable role often enables people to live at home rather than in an institution. This is not only a great benefit to the person being cared for, but also reduces the load on public services. Being a carer often involves a huge personal sacrifice that goes unrecognised. Carers themselves are vulnerable to stress and health issues.

Taking Action

The Greens recognise the valuable role of carers in society and believes there is a better way to look after them. 

The Greens will:

  • Significantly increase respite options for carers to help them cope with their responsibilities;
  • Improve programs, concessions and subsidies for carers to help them fulfil their roles and meet the extra costs of providing care, including help for young carers, retro-fitting homes and help with utility bills; and
  • Develop cross-departmental programs to support young carers, both with their education and in maintaining their health and social relationships.