Cleaning Up Democracy

A Better Way For Democracy

Making Sure Our Government Represents People, Not Big Business

The corrupting influence of large political donations, especially from big business, requires serious law reform including caps and restrictions on different types of donations and better accountability, especially around election time.  Changes introduced for the 2018 State election are inadequate because they target election spending, not election fundraising.  Greater disclosure of donations is welcome, but the main problem is “cash for outcomes”.

As one prominent Adelaide property developer famously put it when asked why the company gave money to political parties, “We want our projects to happen. That’s the way business works here.”

We need to ensure the government is working in the best interests of South Australians – not those of big business.

Taking Action

The Greens have a better way of cleaning up election funding to strengthen our democracy.

The Greens will:

  • Support electoral funding reform that provides for:
    • public funding of political parties and candidates for election campaigns and for the administration of political parties, to be set at a level that ensures proper democratic participation by voters and reduces corporate influence on political decisions;
    • caps on electoral expenditure by parties and candidates and strict limits on third party expenditure;
    • bans on political donations from for-profit businesses;
    • caps on individual political donations (excluding bequests) and donations from not-for-profit organisations; and
    • continuous, comprehensive public disclosure of political donations and funding on a public website.
  • Ban the practice of Governments selling access to Ministers at expensive events as party fundraisers.