Cost of Living

Getting Bills Under Control

A Fairer Way For SA

Utility bills are putting increased stress on many households.

Power bills have increased dramatically in recent years for two main reasons.  First, network operators such as SA Power Networks have been allowed to over-invest in infrastructure (poles and wires) and to pass all those costs onto consumers.  Secondly, privatised power companies in a distorted energy market have been able to “game” the system to manipulate wholesale electricity prices and pass the costs on to you.

Water bills have also increased.  Much of these was due to the massively expensive, energy-hungry and unnecessary desalination plant. They don’t call desalinated water “bottled electricity” for nothing!  The Greens supported cheaper and proven water harvesting and recycling initiatives that would have provided better water security also help protect the environment.

Taking Action

The Greens will actively work to reduce cost of living pressures by:  

  • Supporting householders to reduce their energy bills through energy efficiency, solar hot water, solar panels and battery storage;
  • Creating  a system of energy efficiency ratings for houses (like in the ACT) to alert buyers and renters to the potential running costs of properties;
  • Mandating energy and water efficiency standards for rental properties;
  • Legislating for the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA) to have a greater role in protecting consumers from price rises in utilities;
  • Installing solar hot water and solar PV panels on all Housing SA rental properties; and
  • Ensure that energy and water concessions keep up with inflation and are targeted to those most in need.