Power bills have increased dramatically in recent years. This is despite the fact that wholesale electricity prices have come down in SA due to the boom in renewable energy infrastructure, especially wind and rooftop solar.

This increase in power bills is mostly because of network infrastructure (poles and wires) and the pricing policies of big energy companies. They’ve overinvested and they want their money back – from you.

The Greens cost-of-living solution is to reduce energy bills for consumers by a combination of energy efficiency, demand management and shifting away from expensive fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Water bills have gone through the roof, largely due to the expensive and soon-to-be-mothballed desalination plant. The Greens support cheaper water recycling initiatives that also help protect the environment.

Taking Action

  • Create a system of energy efficiency ratings for houses (like in the ACT) to alert buyers and renters to the potential running costs of properties;
  • Legislate for the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA) to have a greater role in protecting consumers from price rises in utilities; and
  • Install solar hot water and solar PV panels on all SA Housing rental properties.
  • Ensure that energy and water concessions keep up with inflation and are targeted to those most in need.