Dying With Dignity


There's a better way

Most of us hope for a peaceful death, without pain and after a long and happy life. Sadly, for many people, this is not how it happens. Despite huge advances in medical science, palliative care and modern pain relief, some people still endure unimaginable suffering in their final days, months or even years.

Voluntary euthanasia is the practice of allowing a competent adult to be able to make end-of-life choices, including the ability to obtain medical assistance to die if and when their situation becomes intolerable.

In spite of strong community support, SA has not passed ‘Dying with Dignity’ law reform that would allow people to make end of life choices for themselves.


The Greens believe that dying with dignity should be a basic human right. In SA, the Greens have twice introduced voluntary euthanasia Bills, which have been defeated by the narrowest of margins. The Greens vision is for a society that respects and values an individual’s right to choose.

The Greens will:

  • Re-introduce a Dying with Dignity Bill to allow voluntary euthanasia for those suffering intolerably from incurable conditions;
  • Protect the right of medical professionals or other medical staff to not be involved in any aspect of voluntary euthanasia unless they choose to; and
  • Support increases in funding and support for palliative care, including both local hospice and home-based care.