Industrial Manslaughter

South Australia needs specific laws to protect employees and prevent employers from taking shortcuts that may endanger lives. Industrial Manslaughter is a law that reflects quite reasonable community expectations that making a living should not involve putting lives at risk.

Queensland has now passed legislation deterring negligent employers through harsh penalties of up to 20 years imprisonment for individuals and $10 million fines for corporate offenders. South Australians deserve the same sort of protections.

The Queensland government announced the Industrial Manslaughter legislation in response to a review commissioned following the 2016 Dreamworld ride disaster.

In SA, the current law isn't delivering anticipated justice for industrial deaths, as demonstrated by the workplace fatalities on the New Royal Adelaide Hospital construction site. We should not have to wait for a Dreamworld style tragedy to happen here before we change our state laws to ensure justice for grieving families.

The Greens have twice introduced Industrial Manslaughter bills into the South Australian parliament and will do so again after the 2018 election.

The Greens believe that:

  • Every employee deserves to be safe in the workplace
  • Going to work should not involve putting lives at risk
  • Harsh penalties should be in place to deter employers from cutting corners on workplace safety
  • The law must provide justice for victims and families should preventable accidents occur in the workplace

The Greens will:

  • Legislate to make Industrial Manslaughter a specific offence¬†
  • Impose harsh penalties for negligent employers in line with the Queensland legislation, to act as a deterrent for workplace safety breaches