A Better Way To Manage Mineral Resources

Mining Responsibly With Benefits To Communities

Mining brings both benefits and costs to South Australia.  Currently, mining leases and exploration licences cover much of the State, including prime agricultural land and even most of our conservation areas.  When conflicts arise between competing land uses or rights, the law is stacked in favour of mining companies.

Mineral resources belong to the people, yet we are often sold short when governments give big mining companies cash handouts, royalty holidays, tax breaks and even special exemptions from environmental laws.

To ensure mining benefits us all, we need to acknowledge Indigenous rights, protect our high value farmland, our water resources and our natural environment, and maximise the return to the community from the exploitation of non-renewable resources.

Taking Action

The Greens will:

  • Prioritise farming over mining on prime agricultural land;
  • Ensure that new mining projects benefit and strengthen host communities, including maximising employment through local processing of minerals and ensuring local procurement of goods and services;
  • Reform land access and dispute resolution mechanisms between farmers and miners so that long term considerations are paramount and the wider community also has a say;
  • Reform processes for negotiations between indigenous communities and resource companies to ensure they are fair, open and provide real benefits to local communities;
  • Empower the EPA to regulate the environmental impacts of mining to reduce the problem of conflict of interest where Mining Departments are both the promoter and regulator of mining;
  • Ensure that adequate royalties are paid by mining companies to support current and future generations of South Australians; and
  • Establish a State Future Fund to help inter-generational equity.