Transparent Government

Nothing To Hide

A Better Way For More Transparent and Honest Government

The South Australian public quite rightly expect their elected leaders to uphold the highest standard of integrity and honesty. This means Government should be open and accountable with transparent decision-making processes and genuine opportunities for community engagement. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

Taking action

The Greens are committed to open and transparent Government.

The Greens will:

  • Reform ICAC to enable public hearings at the Commissioner’s discretion in relation to serious misconduct matters;
  • Create a Parliamentary Budget Office, that independently examines and estimates costs for electoral and mid-term policies from all political parties;
  • Support a digital democracy by allowing for the tabling of digital petitions to Parliament;
  • Improve access to Government-held information as a public resource including increasing routine publication of material on Government websites;
  • Legislate to improve access to documents for Freedom of Information requests, including strict timeframes, reducing the number of exemptions and preventing political interference with determinations;
  • Support greater disclosure of Ministerial expenditure;
  • Require Ministers to answer questions in Parliament within two months;
  • Restrict the ability of former Ministers to act as lobbyists; and
  • Prohibit MPs from having paid second jobs.