Moving people faster

A better transport system

Bigger roads are not the answer to traffic congestion. The Greens have a different vision. We need good roads, but we also need a well-funded and well-functioning public transport system that gets people where they want to go quickly, reliably, safely and cheaply.

Currently, our public transport system is second-rate. The most important factors in boosting public transport patronage are frequency, reliability and safety. Many people say they don't catch buses or trains because they feel they are infrequent, indirect and unreliable.  Some people don't feel safe while on board or at the stations, and regular users often put up with delays, long trips and inconvenient waiting times. South Australia's regional centres barely even have adequate bus services.

Taking action

The Greens have a broad vision for a better way.

The Greens will:

  • Develop a transport system that is integrated with planning for urban development, agriculture, industry, services and recreation;
  • Double current public transport patronage within five years, through new routes, improved frequency and better reliability of services;
  • Ensure efficient, affordable bus or rail links between regional centres and Adelaide;
  • Create effective connections between different modes of transport. For example: park'n'rides, public transport interchanges, secure bike park facilities at rail, tram and bus stations;
  • Support local production of low or zero emission vehicles, such as electric cars and public transport vehicles to future-proof hi-tech manufacturing and preserve skilled South Australian jobs;
  • Introduce registration and insurance concessions for zero emission vehicles and car pooling vehicles;
  • Extend Adelaide's tram system to key suburban centres and the airport;
  • Complete the electrification of the Adelaide metropolitan rail network including the Gawler, Outer Harbor and Grange lines;
  • Introduce free public transport for school students travelling to and from school;
  • Expand free Wi-Fi on public transport and GPS technology that allows passengers to track the location and arrival times of all buses, trains and trams;
  • Oppose any development of private toll roads in South Australia;
  • Maximise inclusion of energy-efficient vehicles in the government car fleet; and
  • Prioritise making existing roads safer for all road users in both metropolitan and regional areas rather than building expensive new freeways to service urban sprawl.