Vocational Education

Every South Australian deserves a quality education. Not only does a good education open doors in adult life, it builds a more cohesive and clever society from which we all benefit.

The Greens believe investment in public education is essential to ensure a fair Australia and is a key part of our transition to a sustainable new economy.

The Greens believe the education system should be inclusive and fair. The Greens recognise that governments have a responsibility to provide high quality comprehensive public education for all people living in Australia, regardless of their income, class, ethnicity, religion, race, sexual preference, marital status, and intellectual, physical or other abilities.

Taking action

The Greens will:

  • Reinstate funding that was cut under the State Labor Government’s vocational education reform under Skills for All and WorkReady program; 
  • Restore TAFE as a publicly owned and controlled provider of affordable vocational education, training and skills development;
  • Support Vocational Education and Training (VET) being primarily provided through the public TAFE system in addition to the community and not-for-profit VET sector;
  • Phase out public funding of privately provided VET where TAFE can provide the same educational and training outcomes;
  • Ensure that VET funding priorities balance student needs, employment demand, and provide skills to secure satisfying and sustainable employment;
  • Ensure that elected staff and student representative positions are restored on TAFE councils and at all other relevant levels of TAFE administration;
  • Ensure education funding across all sectors that:
    • does not include or promote competition, privatisation, outsourcing, and other market based mechanisms; and 
    • rejects the use of funding vouchers for schools and competitive tendering and entitlement-based funding for TAFE; noting that such mechanisms undermine standards and integrity and do not further the complex policy objectives of our education system.