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Switch on SA – Power to the People

South Australians need affordable, reliable power that doesn’t endanger the climate

The time has come. The age of coal is over and the era of gas is coming to an end. Our planet is in a climate emergency and it is up to us in the next 10 years to limit global warming to below two degrees above pre-industrial levels. 

South Australia’s abundant wind and solar resources mean we are ideally suited to lead Australia and the world to a 100% renewable energy future.  SA is already leading the country in the transition to renewable energy but policy failure at the federal level, soaring gas prices and the legacy of privatisation have forced up electricity bills for households and businesses.

In addition to affordable electricity, South Australians expect their homes, public facilities and businesses to have reliable power that operates whenever it is needed. We need the power network to be robust enough to cope with all types of weather and to cope with predictable technical problems.

The Greens know that the future is in renewables, not in dirty fossil fuels. With investment in new generation and in battery, solar thermal and pumped hydro storage, South Australia can be powered by 100% renewable energy and can help power the rest of the nation too.

In contrast, Labor, who also support renewables, still want to expand the dirty gas industry. This is the wrong direction for SA.

The Liberals are wedded to the fossil fuel industry and want to keep us in the past.

Both the old parties are going down the wrong path and Xenophon’s attacks on wind energy also cast doubt on his direction.

The Greens’ plan is clear and is the right direction for SA. We want 100% renewable energy by 2030. It is achievable, affordable and responsible.

The Greens Energy Plan for SA includes:

  • Ending direct and indirect subsidies to fossil fuel generators, where alternative technologies can achieve the same results in keeping the electricity network stable and secure;
  • Ensuring that the National Electricity Market rules correctly value cheaper renewable energy sources such as wind and solar and remove hidden subsidies to incumbent fossil fuel generators;
  • Redirecting taxpayers’ money away from new gas exploration projects and investing in establishment of renewable energy and storage instead (including batteries, solar thermal and pumped hydro);
  • Promoting grid-connected battery storage to provide both energy services and also rapid frequency control to help stabilise the grid;
  • Promoting domestic and business battery storage to help manage and reduce peaks in demand from the grid;
  • Supporting greater uptake of domestic and commercial roof-top solar and battery storage through State renewable energy and storage targets and regulated feed-in tariffs;
  • Removing barriers to entry for domestic and small businesses to feed renewable energy into the grid or participate in peer-to-peer trading of electricity;
  • Building a new state-owned interconnector between SA and NSW to export excess South Australian renewable energy to the Eastern States;
  • Establishing a publicly-owned public interest, non-profit energy retailer which guarantees the lowest prices for low-income households;
  • Expanding the scope and amount of energy concessions to low-income household;
  • Installing solar panels and solar hot water on all suitable government buildings and tenanted public housing properties;
  • Establishing an Indigenous Communities Clean Power Program to ensure that all Aboriginal communities in South Australia have access to clean, affordable, local renewable electricity; and
  • Upgrading the out-dated transmission network on Eyre Peninsula which is vulnerable to outages and proving to be a barrier to new generation, especially new wind farms.

Now is the time for South Australia to become a renewable, clean energy powerhouse. With the right leadership, and better rules and regulations, SA could lead the way in renewables, bringing power to the people.

The Greens are working to Switch on SA to a renewable energy future.  The time to take action is now.

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