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Fund child care to address shortages

Lidia questions the government over child care shortages in Northcote and Thornbury.
Thursday, March 29, 2018 - 12:15pm
Lidia Thorpe

Lidia Thorpe - Question in Parliament: My constituency question is for the Minister for Families and Children regarding child-care shortages. In my electorate of Northcote many families have approached me regarding the shortage of child-care places in the local area.

One such family is the Lee-Sullivan family. They have had their child, Rafael, on the waiting list for the community child-care centres and every private centre in the locality since he was a few months old. They requested child-care from 14 months old so that Raf’s mum could return to work. Not only were they not offered a place at that time, they found he was still over 100th on the list at all the community centres.

My question for the minister is: in this budget will you invest in establishing more community child-care centres in areas where there are shortfalls so women can return to work?