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Speeches from politicians in vic

  • My question is for the Minister for Agriculture. Yesterday amendments to the wildlife regulations were tabled, and you answered questions from Mr Young regarding some of these changes.
  • I wish to pay tribute to Muriel Rose Craddock, who died on 6 December 2017 aged 105. In 1965 Muriel, her husband Les and daughter Kay opened the Essendon Treasure Chest, selling second-hand books and bric-a-brac.
  • The Greens would also like to support the motion of condolence moved by the Leader of the Government for the death of the Honourable Arthur Andrew McCutcheon on 16 December 2017. By any measure Andrew McCutcheon led a very full and varied life, training in architecture and theology, travelling the world before he became a Methodist minister, looking for better ways to address poverty and powerlessness.
  • I am very pleased to speak this evening on the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Bill 2016. It has been a longstanding Greens policy to ban puppy farms and to ban the sale of animals from pet shops. In the past the Greens have been criticised for this policy, but today we have before us a bill that largely gives effect to these longstanding policies of the Greens.
  • My adjournment matter this afternoon is for the Minister for Corrections. It follows from the report of the Victorian Ombudsman released last month, Implementing OPCAT in Victoria: Report and Inspection of the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. My adjournment matter relates to the report on the inspection of the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre.
  • Last week the Australian Parliament passed the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017.
  • Members will know that I have moved similar motions before in former years in this Parliament calling for various governments — in fact every government since I have been in the Parliament — to release the grand prix documents to the public, in particular the contracts which the government signs on behalf of Victorians, signing up Victorians to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on this event.
  • I would like to make a statement this evening on the Victorian Ombudsman's report Implementing OPCAT in Victoria: Report and Inspection of the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre. I note that in fact the Minister for Corrections is in the chamber.
  • I rise to speak on the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Protection of Emergency Workers and Others) Bill 2017. The bill introduces a number of offences, which include intentionally exposing an emergency worker, custodial officer or youth justice custodial worker to risk by driving, with a maximum 20-year term of imprisonment; recklessly exposing an emergency worker, custodial officer or youth justice custodial worker to risk by driving, with a 10-year maximum term of imprisonment; and damaging an emergency services vehicle, with a maximum five-year term of imprisonment.
  • In light of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission review into sex discrimination and sexual harassment in Victoria Police in 2015
  • My question is for the Minister for Agriculture, and it concerns the boiling of live hens that was broadcast on the ABC 7:30 program, once again an animal cruelty issue uncovered by members of the public and not the regulator.
  • The Greens are broadly supportive of the bill. I have had some research done with regard to the existence or not of similar schemes in other states, and as has been mentioned already by other speakers, there is a scheme of firearm prohibition orders in place in New South Wales. But it is also in place in South Australia and Tasmania and will be introduced into Western Australia shortly as well. We can say that the bill before us and the proposed scheme in Victoria is modelled on the New South Wales scheme and takes into account the recommendations of the review and report of the New South Wales FPO search powers by the New South Wales Ombudsman last year.
  • It is 25 years this week since the Victorian Greens were formed at a meeting of 20-something people at Edinburgh Gardens in 1992. That same year the Australian Greens were formed, made up of representatives from Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland and the ACT.
  • I rise to speak on motion 477 moved by Dr Carling-Jenkins. In the relatively short amount of time devoted to the debate on this motion so far, we have certainly taken a few twists and turns away from the words of the motion. I have to say — and I did mention this to Dr Carling-Jenkins — that looking at the motion in preparing for speaking to it today I struggled to get the gist of what it was.
  • I am pleased to contribute today to the Fines Reform Amendment Bill 2017, and this bill follows from a similar bill last year and makes amendments to the Fines Reform Act 2014 which will establish a new fines recovery model for the collection and enforcement of infringement fines and court fines. Responsibility for this will vest in the director of a new administrative body to be known as Fines Victoria.