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Speeches from politicians in vic

  • On 26 August I was heartwarmed and very excited to attend the Equal Love marriage equality rally and mass illegal wedding in Melbourne. I have attended these rallies and illegal weddings since they first started following the change of the Marriage Act 1961 by the Howard government in 2004. It was just fantastic to see tens of thousands of people pack out the streets of Melbourne.
  • I rise this evening to speak to the Local Government (Central Goldfields Shire Council) Bill 2017.
  • The permanent residents of Wantirna Park caravan park are facing eviction very soon...
  • My constituency question is for the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing.
  • Up to 20 families in Drouin have been devastated by the dodgy practice of a builder.
  • My question is to the Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Regional Development.
  • My question is to the Minister for Agriculture and Minister for Regional Development.
  • I would like to congratulate the City of Yarra and the City of Darebin on deciding to no longer conduct citizenship ceremonies on 26 January. Other councils are considering doing the same. It is up to councils when their citizenship ceremonies are held.
  • I am rising to speak on behalf of the Greens on motion 448, which was moved by Mrs Peulich, to disallow certain parts of the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017.
  • The petition of the Greyhound Equality Society (GES) and residents of Victoria draws to the attention of the house the 2015 Economy and Infrastructure Committee inquiry into the legislative and regulatory framework relating to restricted breed dogs recommendation to end the requirement for non-racing greyhounds to be muzzled in Victoria.
  • My question is to the Minister for Corrections representing the Attorney-General. I was disturbed to hear recent comments from the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis Hart, expressing a desire to use gaps and exemptions in the law provided to religious organisations to sack gay and lesbian teachers and to refuse to report disclosures of child sexual abuse that have been received during confession.
  • I am pleased to rise to speak on the Jury Directions and Other Acts Amendments Bill 2017. This bill amends the Jury Directions Act 2015 and makes related amendments to other acts, including the Criminal Procedure Act 2009 and the Juries Act 2000.
  • The Justice Legislation Amendment (Court Security, Juries and Other Matters) Bill 2017 is an omnibus bill which makes a range of amendments to various acts in the justice and regulation portfolio, including providing for a new security model for the Victorian courts and tribunals with the use of private security officers, appointing them as authorised officers with expanded powers.
  • The federal government's postal vote on marriage equality is playing out exactly as the Greens feared.
  • I ask the Minister for Training and Skills (for the Minister for Police): In light of the recommendation that an explicit target be set for recruitment of at least 50 per cent women for future squads of police and Protective Service Officers and that this remains in place until equality is achieved
  • I rise to speak on the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Public Order) Bill 2017. This bill does the following: it amends the Control of Weapons Act 1990 to provide police with additional powers so as to direct people wearing masks in certain circumstances to leave a designated area, it amends the Crimes Act 1958 to introduce new public order offences to replace existing common-law offences and it amends the Summary Offences Act 1966 to impose on local government a requirement to consult with Victoria Police when considering applications for permits that relate to proposed protests.