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Speeches from politicians in vic

  • Lidia calls out the Government on it's failure to engage clans and elders in the treaty Advancement process.
  • Lidia Thorpe has thanked volunteers for the Batman campaign for their tireless work.
  • Last week the citizens of the City of Port Phillip, surrounding suburbs and beyond were subjected once again to the noise and disruption of Australian Formula One Grand Prix. Albert Park itself has been disrupted for months by the set-up for the race and will continue to be disrupted as the race is packed up. Some of the infrastructure never goes away.
  • The motion I moved today starts with the house noting the Ombudsman's report on the investigation of a matter referred from the Legislative Council on 25 November 2015, some 28 months ago. It has been a very, very long time between when the matter was referred to the Ombudsman and the tabling of the report this week in Parliament and its release last week.
  • The Greens will be supporting the motion moved by Mr Davis that amendment C298 to the Boroondara planning scheme, which applies to the land at 3 and 10 Markham Avenue, Ashburton, which was gazetted on 1 February and tabled on 6 February, be revoked. As Mr Davis has said, we have spoken about the issue of the Markham estate redevelopment several times in this chamber.
  • Can the Minister please provide the traffic modelling and air quality modelling that supports this claim.
  • In marketing material provided at the drop-in sessions, the North East Link Authority has claimed that air quality would improve at Grimshaw Street once the North East Link is built because traffic would be flowing freely instead of idling, can the Minister please provide the traffic modelling and air quality modelling that supports this claim.
  • Greens share their pride on International Women's Day 2018.
  • On 21 September last year, by way of adjournment, I requested that the minister disallow horse-drawn vehicles as a class of vehicle inside the Hoddle grid.
  • Greens call for a Sports Stadium in Darebin to meet the needs of Women's sport
  • Samantha Ratnam calls on the Victorian Labor Government to ban static gambling advertising as wide as possible to minimise gambling harm in the community.
  • My question is for the Minister for Agriculture and follows from her verbal and written responses to my questions about the ability of the government to effectively regulate duck shooting over the past few weeks. The Pegasus report that you told me on 18 February you would not release has been released by others and is damning of the ability of the Game Management Authority (GMA) to enforce duck shooting regulations.
  • The majority of the Victorian community is dismayed that yet another duck shooting season will go ahead, with the approval of the government, beginning on 17 March and running to the long weekend in June. Eighty-seven per cent of Victorians are opposed to duck shooting, including in regional Victoria, seen by the formation of Regional Victorians Opposed to Duck Shooting, who have been making great inroads and getting a lot of support amongst regional Victorians to end duck shooting.
  • The petition of certain citizens of the state of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Council serious concerns regarding the approach being taken to the renewal of public housing by the Department of Health and Human Services at estates across Melbourne.
  • The bill that we have before us—the Racing Amendment (Modernisation) Bill 2017—is a very short bill. It does little if nothing to improve governance of racing in Victoria; it does a little bit if not much at all. It all comes from the government saying that they wanted to avoid conflicts of interest in Racing Victoria, where in the past the board of Racing Victoria has been appointed by the members of Racing Victoria.