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Speeches from politicians in vic

  • My question is for the Minister for Corrections. Yesterday it was reported that Supreme Court Justice Lex Lasry has joined a growing list of judges who are critical of the shortage of psychiatric treatment for people in custody. He was so concerned about one young man who urgently needed help that he was considering releasing him on bail despite him remaining a risk.
  • In terms of this issue, it is essential for public safety and for the safety and welfare of horses that horse-drawn vehicles are no longer allowed to operate inside the Hoddle grid, and I ask that the Minister for Roads take action to disallow that.
  • Threats that are facing our smallest mammals in Australia and Victoria such as the Leadbeater's possum and greater gliders include logging in the Central Highlands and East Gippsland.
  • My question for the minister is: has everyone who was a former resident of the Gatwick Hotel been housed, and are there processes in place to ensure that they continue in housing and do not become homeless?
  • I am pleased to speak on the Administration and Probate and Other Acts Amendment (Succession and Related Matters) Bill 2016. This bill amends the Administration and Probate Act 1958, the Guardianship and Administration Act 1986 and the Powers of Attorney Act 2014 to implement some of the outstanding recommendations of the 2013 Succession Laws report of the Victorian Law Reform Commission relating in particular to intestacy, where a person dies without having made a will, and makes some amendments in regard to the distribution of property under those circumstances.
  • My question today is for the Minister for Corrections. In the July parliamentary break my colleague Ms Springle and I visited Tarrengower and Loddon prisons, and I would like to thank the corrections commissioner and the staff of those prisons for facilitating those visits and indeed some of the prisoners we were able to speak to.
  • Amongst the piles of secret documents that can never be released to the public about the Australian grand prix that is held in Albert Park every year is one titled An Eventful Year: Economic Impact of the Victorian Major Events Calendar.
  • My adjournment matter is for the Minister for Tourism and Major Events, and it relates to the costing of major events. This week it was announced by the minister that the Victorian government will no longer be sponsoring the Logies.
  • My adjournment matter is for the Attorney-General. The recent report by the Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales evaluating the Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) summary crime program provides a disturbing picture of a system in crisis.
  • The Andrews government has shown it does not care for the views of locals by trying to ram through yet another big toll road...
  • The Greens will also not oppose the motion put forward by Mr Davis today. The motion starts out by asking that the house: "notes the Andrews government's stated commitment to openness and transparency, in particular its stated commitment to provide for business cases for important government projects."
  • On 26 August I was heartwarmed and very excited to attend the Equal Love marriage equality rally and mass illegal wedding in Melbourne. I have attended these rallies and illegal weddings since they first started following the change of the Marriage Act 1961 by the Howard government in 2004. It was just fantastic to see tens of thousands of people pack out the streets of Melbourne.
  • I rise this evening to speak to the Local Government (Central Goldfields Shire Council) Bill 2017.
  • The permanent residents of Wantirna Park caravan park are facing eviction very soon...
  • My constituency question is for the Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing.
  • Up to 20 families in Drouin have been devastated by the dodgy practice of a builder.