Axe the tampon tax | Australian Greens

Axe the tampon tax

Get behind our push to end this gender-based financial discrimination

Women in Australia are taxed every time they purchase tampons and pads because they are considered a non-essential luxury product.

The Greens are calling on Labor and the Coalition to help us end this tax on women's biology.

Men already earn more than women, but there is no tax on male personal products like condoms or lubricants. For too long, successive governments have been happy to let this sexist tax persist, claiming revenue loss as the reason.

But the Liberals and Nationals plan to introduce GST on items purchased online for under $1000, and we plan to use this opportunity to abolish the tampon tax.

The government’s plan to tax online goods would raise an extra $300 million for States and Territories. To abolish the tampon tax will cost $115 million, meaning States and Territories would still be $185 million ahead.

Revenue loss is no longer a credible excuse for refusing to axe the sexist tampon tax.