Anna Reynolds | Australian Greens

Anna Reynolds

Alderman, Hobart City Council

It’s the prospect to create - and protect – progressive change that motivates me to run for election. We will only solve the big challenges ahead of us if we have strong, democratically elected, Green thinking representatives in parliaments all over the world.

I believe my skills can help - I have over 20 years of experience in establishing and managing organisations in Australia and around the world; advocating for people who have problems that need to be fixed or things they would like to see supported; organising and running public education campaigns; designing new policy solutions and lobbying for reform of our laws; and building alliances with people and organisations to create change.

I am an Alderman (Councillor) on the Hobart City Council and the CEO of the Multicultural Council of Tasmania. I’m enthusiastic about helping people to create positive change, with innovative ideas and fresh approaches to solving problems.

I’ve been lucky to have lived all over Australia – from Broome to Cairns, Sydney, Canberra and now Hobart – with my partner Mark and our two great kids.

I’ve had a diverse range of work since my first jobs as a waitress and a travelling art teacher in Aboriginal communities. These roles include:

  • Establishing a new community legal centre in North Queensland.

  • Establishing Australia’s first climate change community organisation in 1998 – the Climate Action Network Australia.

  • Working at WWF International where I co-managed the international climate change program working to co-ordinate 30 nationally-based campaigns. 

  • Being the International Advisor for the Parliamentary Leader of the Australian Greens, and in that capacity worked closely with a range of parties, parliamentarians and government departments.

I’m proud to stand with Senators Nick McKim and Peter Whish-Wilson as a Senate candidate for Tasmania at this election, and campaign to defend and advance the Greens’ representation in the Senate.