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The branch meets on the second Thursday of each month at 208 Elizabeth St., North Hobart. All members are welcome to attend.

For more information contact the convenor, Damien Irving at 

Denison has a Facebook page 'The Denison Greens'.  The page features current events, links to papers and ideas which we hope are of interest and inform members with updates from our representatives

Time to reduce your use of plastics

We've all seen the pictures of dead seabirds, bellies full of bottle caps and disposable lighters, or dolphins and turtles entangled by plastic nets or bags. The impacts of our global addiction to plastic on these 'charismatic megafauna' have become the face of marine plastic pollution.  However 95% of the plastics in our oceans are:

• small particles broken down from larger plastics
• microbeads from personal care products like body scrubs
• microfibres from synthetic clothing

Microplastics are corrupting sea life at the very base of the food chain. While we don't entirely know how widespread the ingestion of microplastics is, or exactly what it means for this food chain's apex predators [you and me] there is more than enough evidence to take action today.  What can we do??
Use your power as a consumer to force manufacturers to

• Not use microbeads in personal care products.
• Improve manufacture of clothing so that fibres are not released every time you wash a garment

Wear natural fibres wool, hemp, cotton, bamboo and linen or rayon made from wood fibre.
Demand we establish industrial hemp in this state. It uses little water, wastes nothing and can provide us with clothing, paper and industrial products for construction.

Map of Denison

Electoral map of Denison

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