Hannah Bellamy

Candidate for Elwick

I’m a lawyer with extensive NGO experience, including with Red Cross, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights, and the Australian Conservation Foundation. 

I’m running for the Greens because I believe the Elwick community has been ignored by a Liberal government who doesn’t care, and let down by a local member who hasn’t had the spine to stand up to the pokies lobby or other corporate interests. 

Hobart’s northern suburbs are changing fast, and now is the time we should be looking at how we tackle the challenges facing the community. To do that we need an elected representative who will really listen, who will have the courage of their convictions, and who will fight for what is right in Parliament. 

Right across Elwick people are demanding action on housing unaffordability, wealth inequality, the health crisis, and climate change. We need to take back control of the Legislative Council from the major parties to make sure the issues affecting all of us are no longer ignored.