Jack Davenport

Lead Candidate for Bass

Social Worker

To ensure the wellbeing of future generations, there is an urgent need for climate action from all levels of government.

Tasmanians who are struggling should not be forgotten by government. My experience as a social worker in child safety means I understand the social issues facing many within the community – family violence, housing stress and mental ill health. 

I was an elected local government member in the UK and have worked in child services across Australia, including Northern Tasmania. I have leadership experience and I am active within my community as a volunteer.

I am passionate about social justice and climate action. I’m a former Labor Party member, who left because of their aggressive refugee policy, lack of policies on tackling inequality, and support for fossil fuel industries in a time of climate emergency.

I am committed to a fairer and climate-ready future for Tasmania, and I am proud to represent the Greens in Bass.