Jarrod Edwards

Candidate for Braddon

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My name is Jarrod Edwards, I am a 40 year old Tasmanian Aboriginal man. I was born in Burnie, raised in Rosebery, work in Marrawah and live in Wynyard with my partner Candy and our son Malyn.

We are an Aboriginal family who have a deep connection to the area we live in and believe it is spiritually important for us as a family to live in this area as it our country connects us to our ancestors and we are a part of its story. I love everything about my island home and our region.

I work in Land Management for both my community and the in Natural Resource Management for Cradle Coast NRM. I am in my final year at University of Tasmania and one day hope to become an archaeologist and work for myself in cultural tourism and education.

I am heavily involved with my community, the Tasmanian Aboriginal community where I am actively involved in our current political campaigns and activism.

I have been at the forefront of the save takayna/tarkine campaign for the last 5 years and have worked closely with the Bob Brown Foundation, Wilderness Society, Environmental Defenders Office, Australian Greens and my community.

I have represented my community on the following boards as a director throughout my adult life: Aboriginal Land Council of Tasmania, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre, Aboriginal Housing Tasmania and The Tasmanian University Union (TUU) as a Student Councilor at the Cradle Coast Campus.

I have my own registered business although I do not yet trade. I aspire to be self employed and work in the cultural tourism and education sector.

I believe I am very well known both within Braddon, Tasmania and some areas of mainland Australia through my involvement in the save takayna campaign.

I am a volunteer firefighter with the Tasmanian Fire Service at the Marrawah and Arthur River Brigades.

I hope that combined we can hold the major parties to account during the campaign and bring to the forefront issues often ignored or ironed over by them. I hope we can improve our vote and reconnect with our supporter base and build serious momentum for a tilt at winning a seat at the next State election. I hope to carry myself professionally, with dignity and not let personal attacks or attacks on the party get me down.

I plan to uphold the values I hold close and also highlight and promote the values of our party during the campaign.

I understand it will be very difficult swinging the vote away from the established parties and that we will possibly be massively outspent. I also understand that Braddon has a deeply entrenched ideology and industry which is a major challenge when trying to win votes.

I also understand the very short campaign window will be an issue as both major parties are desperate to win the seat so it will be a hard campaign.

I have been actively involved with the Bob Brown Foundation and the Australian Greens for the last few years campaigning to save my heritage and hope to be given the opportunity to put myself forward to campaign for the people of Braddon who support our causes and all members of my community.

I look forward to championing the values of the party and really enjoy putting myself out there. This is something I believe I was born to do and have been building towards for the last few years.


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