Jill Pierce

Candidate for Lyons

I have lived in rural areas for over twenty years and am passionate about enhancing the physical and emotional wellbeing of those living in rural and remote Tasmania. I have worked to improve access to services for those who live rurally. I am concerned about poor health outcomes and lack of affordable and secure housing options in Tasmania.  

As a social worker with thirty-five years’ experience, I work mainly in community health settings and the not-for-profit sector. I have had experience supporting family carers, working with families impacted by cancer and assisting those receiving palliative care.

I am an active member of, and volunteer in, my local community. I believe in the importance of building community connections and addressing social isolation and loneliness.

My passions for social justice, climate action, and the protection of our precious wilderness attracted me to become a member of the Tasmanian Greens.