Kit Darko

Candidate for Franklin

I am an advocate for climate action, environmental protection, social justice, and animal rights. I’m also a firm believer in empathy, kindness, ethical consistency, and co-operation - traits we should all aspire towards, but which seem sorely lacking in our parliament.

I believe everyday people have been sold short by a political system that lacks empathy and vision. For too long, the people of this island have had our needs, our safety, and our health neglected by politicians who would rather serve their wealthy donors.

We deserve better - we deserve a roof to live under, guaranteed support for our physical and mental health, freedom from parasitic gambling interests, the right to peacefully protest, thriving local communities, and natural spaces from the wilderness to the suburbs.

But also, we deserve hope. We deserve to look to the future in hopeful anticipation. That’s why I’m with the Greens - I believe we can deliver a beautiful future for every person on this island.