Maureen Corbett

Candidate for Braddon

I joined the Greens more than 20 years ago. After many years of being disillusioned with Government and parliamentary processes, I was thrilled to find a political party that put people and the environment first, cared about refugees, aboriginal rights and the Climate Crisis.

At this time in history we must try to do as much as we can to stop the logging of native forests, promote 100% (+) renewable energy, and promote sharing, resilient communities wherever we are.

A Green Tasmania will be a climate safe, showcase state for sustainable practices, with financial leaks (via poker machines, mining & forestry enterprises) plugged, native forest logging replaced with forest ranger jobs, and Tasmania reaping the rewards of its tourist, farming, and renewable energy resources.

When my three grandchildren ask me 'what did I DO’, I will add to the list that I helped get a larger Greens presence in Parliament.

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