Mitchell Houghton

Candidate for McIntyre

I see a position in politics as a means to amplify the voices of the community and make space for people who have traditionally been pushed to the sides. I believe politics should be an open and honest platform with repercussions for those who stray from the truth. It's a privilege and an honour to serve communities not a right or a sacrifice.

I'm a Horticulturalist who owns and operates a small business. I see the injustice of working hard only to see taxes frittered away to greedy industries in the form of subsidies. All while massive conglomerate companies pay our governments nothing.

I'm an activist. I predominantly involve myself with frontline action but I'm also passionate about all aspects of social justice activism and like to take part however possible. It's heartwarming to see these movements grow, even in the relatively small amount of years that I've been involved. Particularly I've noticed in recent years since attending invasion day rallies that the numbers have grown exponentially in the communities who fight in solidarity with First Nations People's.

I'm proud to be joining a group of people who have ambitious and achievable plans to create communities. People who will ethically intelligently navigate society's issues and not leave anyone behind.