Phill Parsons

Candidate for Braddon

For me being Green is not just about the natural environment, there is a social dimension around having a place to call home, being secure in your income and being included in your community.   

Government needs to ensure all of these into the future, not just ensure special interests are looked after, leaving the rest of us the crumbs.

Health, hospitals and care services need to be properly funded, education targeted at the future, industry to be sustainable and modern if it is to supply well paid jobs.

Importantly, planning laws need to be strengthened to ensure what we enjoy as Tasmanians is not sacrificed on the altar of greed, be it local or foreign.

I have lived, studied and worked in Tasmania for 48 years. I am a trade qualified horticulturist managing a park.

I have been involved in conserving the living world since I moved here, working to protect forests, save wilderness and minimise the impact of the climate crisis.

I have owned a gardening business for 3 decades and an advanced tree nursery for two.

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