Simone Marsh

Candidate for the Senate

Tasmania has been home since 2017, and after growing up in the Blue Mountains and working as an environment specialist and teacher, it’s a precious place to me.

I’m standing as a senate support candidate for the Greens after witnessing, from inside government, the undermining of our laws, economy and our country by major party politicians and their fossil fuel donors and lobbyists.

The Greens do not accept donations from fossil fuel companies and are the only party we can trust to clean up government and prioritise a social, environmental and economically healthy, renewable energy future for Australia.

We need to urgently stop foreign donations and address transparency, integrity, accountability and conflicts of interest within government in order to prevent further climatic breakdown and environmental destruction - for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Read more about our policies. The Greens are committed to a democracy that works for everyone, not just for the privileged few.

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Together, we can build a future for all of us.

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End Dirty Donations

Parliament should serve the best interests of all Australians. Those with wealth shouldn’t be able to buy political influence on issues that matter to us all.

Renew Australia 2030

The time to act is now. Join the campaign to urgently replace polluting coal with renewable energy.

End Coal

In Australia, our most significant contribution to global warming is the coal we export – 80% of our coal is exported and burnt overseas.