Tammy Milne

Candidate for Braddon

Disability and Social inclusion Advocate

I have recently resigned from the education department after 32 years of service as a teacher aide, educational interpreter for Deaf, intern teacher, and librarian. This decision was made easier for me with Covid and the myriad of issues people with disabilities face during these harrowing times.

I gave evidence at the Royal Commission in the Abuse and Neglect of People with Disabilities. Inclusion is important and as a society there is much work to be done. The disability sector is a fast growing employer of Tasmanians. We Tasmanians need to have a say in how we drive our future; with dignity, with respect and with equity.

I am a proud union member for 30 years.

I put my hand up because government needs to see the diversity of our people reflected in government. As a person in a wheelchair my goal is to see no-one left behind because of age, sexual identity, disability, ethnicity, cultural beliefs. We are diverse and need to be seen, you can't be it if you can't see it.