Tom Hall

Candidate for Bass

I'm 42 years old, I live in Launceston and I work as a medical specialist in Launceston’s public and private hospitals.  

I've been environmentally aware my whole life having grown up in Murray Bridge – a town at the bottom of the most exploited river basin in Australia. Since 2004 I've financially supported environmental organisations with at least 1% of my income.

As I grew older and wiser I began to understand the ugly way that things really work, and how the few who stand to benefit from environmental destruction donate to and cosy up to politicians while simultaneously sowing lies that become dogmas in the minds of the community about how important their industry is and how sustainable it is. This applies to forestry; agriculture and aquaculture; fossil fuels; and even property development.

Money owns the politicians, and the politicians serve their masters.

The behaviour one walks past is the behaviour one accepts. I joined the Greens in 2016 and became politically active to fight back, protect what remains of Tasmania's environment, and to try to make our lives better. If I don't, then I am complicit and I stand for nothing.