The Tasmanian Greens are committed to a community where the creative enterprises are supported and where participation in, and enjoyment of, creative activities is encouraged and promoted.

The Arts are essential for the enrichment and, in many cases, the fulfilment of our lives. They provide an opportunity for creative expression and empowerment, building a rich and dynamic sense of community, which celebrates our relationship with the environment and each other. In acknowledging freedom of artistic expression, the Greens recognise that the Arts articulate insights into our environmental, social, cultural and economic values.

We continue to encourage innovative ideas, performances and artworks, increase the opportunity of individuals to strive for excellence, and support the exploration by artists of our creative, spiritual and intellectual interconnectedness.

The Greens also believe that creative talent is an important resource, and that many Tasmanians are employed in professional artistic pursuits. Grants to the Arts in Tasmania are minimal and more resourcing should be directed to this area. The Arts provide one way of restructuring the economy through jobs that are sustainable and are integral to Tasmania’s clean, green, clever economy.

The Greens are committed to the transformation of our economy from one of resource extraction to one that embraces the arts and a diverse culture as a key part of its identity. However, we recognise that a policy which provides financial and infrastructure support for creative endeavour, must also maintain freedom from constraint by government and industry.


Society and Culture

The Tasmanian Greens will work towards:

  1. preserving and promoting what is of both ancient and modern significance as a holistic approach to understanding Tasmania’s present culture;

  2. strengthening the Arts as a vibrant sector in our society, by promoting arts and creative industries as a source of employment;

  3. supporting Aboriginal and ethnic arts as an expression of the cultural richness of Tasmanian society;

  4. ensuring the continued existence of a resident professional symphony orchestra as essential to the community life of Tasmania;

  5. providing and maintaining incentives and support for innovative and experimental projects and projects with special significance in re-building and re-enforcing the identity of particular communities;

  6. supporting the adequate resourcing of the regional arts community in Tasmania, and promote recognition that arts programs are essential to community wellbeing and diversity in regional areas;

  7. encouraging the involvement of local art and design in all aspects of Tasmanian development;

  8. encouraging creativity in schools, at work, and in leisure;

  9. identifying and co-ordinate through consultation with artists and the community, those areas needing major support and development in specific art forms throughout the state.

The Economy

The Tasmanian Greens will work towards:

  1. providing resources, infrastructure and training to support all arts disciplines;

  2. supporting professional development for artists to examine and promote the commercial potential of their industry;

  3. supporting a local sustainable furniture and craft industry;

  4. creating an independent, viable, local publishing industry to foster a Tasmanian literary culture, funded through sales but with state support, run as an incorporated body.

Excellence and Innovation

The Tasmanian Greens will work towards:

  1. organising public and corporate support for competitions, scholarships, prizes, awards, honours, exhibitions, galas and festivals appropriate to diverse art forms and particular communities;

  2. working with the local and national film, television and radio institutes to make training available in this state;

  3. strengthening intellectual property rights of artists.

Promotion and Marketing

The Tasmanian Greens will work towards:

  1. providing specific opportunities for young people and for emerging artists;

  2. developing strategies to promote outstanding work to patrons, audiences and markets locally, interstate and overseas;

  3. continuing the ‘10 Days on the Island Festival’ funding from the government Arts portfolio, but with further private sponsorship to meet clean, green criteria as well as community and artists' expectations.


The Tasmanian Greens will work towards:

  1. ensuring that the state curriculum does not erode the importance of the arts in comparison to other learning areas, and that its integrity is not undermined;

  2. promoting specific schemes where the talents and skills of disabled artists, musicians, performers and writers are valued.