Philip Cocker

Alderman, Hobart City Council

Philip Cocker is a Hobart City Council Aldermen who Chairs the Council’s Finance, Audit and Superannuation Committees. He has run small businesses and worked in Law Enforcement.  

Philip has a passionate commitment to a community that realises and supports people’s talents and skills. A father and stepfather, Philip is keen gardener and likens the analogy of tending the garden to care of the community and relationship to the planet.

Philip is committed to assisting the poorest and least well educated in our community to find their place to be active within their communities.  He wants to build the relationship between those in our community who are struggling and those who are succeeding in following their passion. He wants far more Government involvement in lifting up the people doing it tough and increasing their capacity and resilience.

Philip has been active in promoting the extraordinary opportunity of electrifying Tasmanian transport and, by doing so, injecting billions of dollars into the Tasmanian economy. With a cost of around $700 million dollars going out of the State this year, there is an extraordinary opportunity to transition to electric transport and boost the economy and jobs for the long term.

Contact Philip

GPO Box 1132
Hobart TAS 7001

Phone 03 6236 9334