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People are spending too much time stuck in traffic. It's bad for people and bad for the planet. We need to urgently reduce our reliance on coal, gas and oil in fuelling how we get around and cut our transport related pollution.

A world-class public transport system will fix traffic congestion and make our economy more productive. Instead of polluting toll roads, the Greens will invest $25 billion over ten years for public transport infrastructure, low pollution buses and light rail.

In addition, the Greens are committed to investment in cycling and walking infrastructure as a smart, cost-effective way to reduce traffic congestion and pollution. We're also driving the transition from petroleum to electric vehicles, by providing incentives for Australian consumers, businesses and government to take up clean electric vehicle technologies.

Our plan to build our clean energy future will make our cities and towns more liveable, and reduce pollution that is bad for our health and our climate.


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