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Labor and Liberal Governments have neglected public housing for years. Now, Melbourne residents in cramped and overcrowded estates have faced a ‘hard lockdown’, unlike anyone else in Australia.

Residents understand the need to protect everyone from COVID-19, but poor conditions in public housing have contributed to this problem.

Residents have raised concerns about empty hand sanitiser, broken lifts forcing people to huddle into one small space, large families in tiny apartments and 5+ years waiting to transfer to a bigger property, and very little COVID information provided in local languages.

Victoria spends the lowest amount on public housing of any state in Australia. The public housing waiting list has hit a record high of over 100,000 people. For years, we’ve called for the Government to build more and better public housing. It shouldn't take a pandemic for the Government to do this. Instead, the Andrews Government is selling off public housing land across inner Melbourne.

We need to take better care of people. We need to invest in a public housing system we can be proud of, that provides good homes for everyone.

Please sign the petition to call on the Premier and the Andrews Government to fix public housing and build more public housing  in Victoria NOW. 

Click here to read our plan for a big build of public housing and a home for all >

Header image: David Crosling/AAP via The Guardian