A caring economy

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Victoria needs to invest in the caring economy

Just as our carers have helped us through the COVID-19 crisis, they can also help build a better future. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about work.

For those in the care economy, health sector and education sector, it has led to a long overdue revaluation of the significance and essential nature of these professions. For those in the informal and gig economy, it has exposed the fundamental lack of social protection and the precarious nature of subsistence work.  It’s shown us that Victoria’s essential workers are the ones who care for our communities - the doctors, nurses, carers and teachers who have been looking after and supporting Victorians through the crisis.

Responding to the coming recession requires more than just massive infrastructure spending. With thousands of Victorians out of work and entire industries likely to disappear, now is the time to change the types of work our economy prioritises. 

We need to invest in our health, education and support services, and stop funding harmful industries like gambling that only hurt our communities. It has become increasingly clear that our most essential workers are among those in the lowest-paid and most precarious roles,  Essential workers are an investment in our community and we need to invest in their work that looks after our community, and ourselves.

The Greens’ investment in our caring economy will:

👨‍⚕️ Boost funding and jobs in our public health and education systems

🏥 Provide long-needed funding for our mental health services

🙋 Develop a dedicated youth investment plan, because we can’t recover from a coronavirus recession without helping young workers

♿ Give extra support to our disability and care sectors