Invest in active and public transport

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Victoria needs a Green New Deal for transport.

A Green New Deal for Victoria is an opportunity to transform the way we move around our city and state.

The Greens have a clear plan that would see us build a truly world-class metro rail system, modern tram network and create more space for people to walk and ride their bike. 

Together will cut congestion, cut carbon emissions and create thousands of jobs with a Green New Deal for Transport.

Rail to Recovery

Rail to Recovery plan


Our Rail to Recovery plan would create thousands of jobs for drivers, engineers, maintenance workers, customer service staff and construction workers.

The first step of the plan would involve an immediate increase in funding to create a more people-friendly network by:

👷 Employing more train and tram drivers, along with maintenance workers

⏱ Increasing services to every 10 minutes across the train and tram networks

👩‍✈️ Hiring more customer service staff for every station, from the first train to the last, to assist passengers in buying a ticket and help them on their journey

Learn more about our Rail to Recovery plan.

Separated Bike Network

In Melbourne and in cities across the world more people are choosing to ride bikes in response to COVID-19.

Our plan would see the construction of a new bike network that would include over 300 kilometres of separated bike lanes & paths and create around 5,000 jobs in engineering, construction and manufacturing.

The Safe Bike Network would see Melbourne become a world class city for cycling like Paris, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam. 

The centrepiece of the network would be a 20km Bike Superhighway #1 running from Coburg to Elsternwick including the key routes of Sydney Road, Royal Parade, Flemington Road and St Kilda Road. 

The Superhighway would be fast tracked with temporary infrastructure to create more space for cycling in response COVID-19

A safe, separated bike network for Melbourne would:

👷 Create jobs in engineering, construction and manufacturing.

🌱 Boost urban renewal and cut carbon emissions.

🚗 Reduce congestion while also reducing air pollution

🚲 Improve people’s health, getting us fit and active!


The super bike highway map goes from coburg right down to st kilda