Transforming Transport

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Victoria needs to invest in more trains and trams

The Greens have a plan to put communities first, and create a transport network that all Victorians can rely on, no matter where you live.

We believe in creating a system that gets you where you need to go, when you need to be there.

But if you’ve used public transport lately, we don’t need to tell you it’s overcrowded and unreliable. And many suburban and regional Victorians have been completely ignored, with no alternative to driving and spending hours in traffic each day.

That’s because over the past few decades, both Labor and Liberal governments have let corporations have too much influence over our transport system.

The old parties have handed over billions of dollars of public money to build private toll roads which are making astronomical profits for Transurban.

So while corporations rake in the big bucks from these deals, Victorians are either locked into a life of traffic and pollution, or struggling to get around on overcrowded trams, delayed trains and unreliable buses.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can transform our ageing, unreliable public transport system.

We can create a fast, reliable and efficient transport network that works for all Victorians, whether you live in the suburbs, the inner city or a regional town.

The Greens plan to Transform Transport will:

  •  Extend Melbourne Metro to provide metro rail services to people in the western suburbs and Melton, and the south-eastern suburbs beyond Cranbourne, and interchange with South Yarra and station upgrades at South Kensington and Caulfield. Read our detailed plan here.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
    Update to our plan [PDF]

  •  Plan for the Melbourne Metro 2 rail project now. Melbourne Metro 2 would create a new underground line from Clifton Hill to Newport, new stations in neighbourhoods with no rail access such as Fishermans Bend and Fitzroy, and allow for future rail extensions to Wyndham Vale, Wollert and Doncaster.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
  •  Reversing decades of damaging privatisation by bringing our transport system back into public hands and create a Transport Super Agency for better planning and coordination, while ensuring genuine local consultation.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
  •  Transform our bus network by upgrading some of Melbourne’s busiest bus routes to provide commuters with a quick reliable service in areas that aren’t serviced by trains and trams and reviewing all metropolitan bus routes to improve their effectiveness and increase coverage to public transport dead zones.
    Read our detailed plan here
  •  Transform Melbourne's overcrowded and unreliable tram network by upgrading all tram routes in a decade to include level access stops along entire routes, better separation from traffic and traffic light priority, and manufacture of 30 new high capacity trams every year for the next 10 years.
    Read our detailed plan here
  •  Transform our train system from an overcrowded, unreliable train network into a modern, high capacity, metro system by implementing high capacity signalling across the entire network; building more high capacity metro trains; and planning for further level crossing removals along key lines.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
  • Ensure “turn up and go” trains and trams across Melbourne so you won’t wait more than 10 minutes to get going where you want to go.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
  • Get people moving across Melbourne's East by adding a new Eastern Metro Rapid Bus Network to provide better transport choices for those who want them.
    Read out detailed plan here [PDF]
  • Provide metro style public transport to Rowville and enhance accessibility to the Monash education and employment precinct.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
  •  Make cycling safe by building a Metropolitan Bike Network, as a single project over 4 years across Melbourne. The network will include Strategic Cycling Routes which connect major destinations, on-road separation where possible, upgraded bike lanes and enhanced off road paths. We will also make 1 meter minimum passing distance law, expand the Melbourne Bike Share scheme, invest in Regional Bike Tourism, and fund a TAC cycling safety awareness campaign and restore bike classes in schools.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
  • The Greens’ Transport Master Plan for the West  will deliver fast, frequent public transport and  provide real solutions to reduce truck pollution.
    Read our detailed plan here [PDF]
  • The Greens ‘I love trams plan’ will stitch Melbourne’s communities together with new tram routes providing frequent, reliable, accessible public transport to our suburbs.The Greens will commit $700m to new tram routes over the next 8 years and put in a place a long term plan to bring trams to suburbs such as Williamstown, Sunshine, West Melbourne, Brighton, Black Rock, Heidelberg, Ivanhoe, Chadstone, Bentleigh and Ormond.
    Read our detailed plan including routes to be extended here [PDF]