Let’s get off gas, Victoria

Victoria, Let's Get Off Gas

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Gas is a fossil fuel, just like coal. Burning more gas will make the climate emergency worse. 

The Morrison Liberal Government proudly wants to drill for more polluting gas. But the Victorian Labor Government is also expanding gas drilling across Victoria, they just do it a little more quietly.

Since March, the Victorian Labor Government has lifted the hard-won ban on gas drilling across Victoria, opened our oceans to destructive new gas drilling and pushed ahead with plans for a new gas import mega-ship in a beautiful wetland in Westernport.

Yet Victoria has everything we need to stop using gas, and doing it would create thousands of jobs.

The Greens' Plan to get Victoria off gas:

  • Grants to help households replace gas heating with cheaper electric heat-pumps
  • Retrofit manufacturing plants so they’re run on clean energy 
  • New publicly owned big batteries and energy storage
  • Build large-scale wind and solar, and fix up the energy grid
  • New laws to ensure new homes are all-electric, not connected to gas 
  • Stop gas drilling, onshore and offshore, across Victoria
  • Stop the Westernport gas mega-ship

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