Let’s get off gas, Victoria

Victoria, Let's Get Off Gas

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To protect the climate and our health, we need to get off gas. 

The Victorian Labor Government has reopened new gas drilling across Victoria. 

Victorian Labor also support Scott Morrison's plans to drill for offshore gas near the iconic Twelve Apostles – because it's in line with their policy to support new gas.

Gas is a polluting fossil fuel, just like coal. It's making the climate crisis worse and is causing extreme weather events including flooding and fires.  

Gas is also bad for our health. New research shows using gas in our homes causes 12% of childhood asthma.

For the sake of our climate and our health, we need to get off gas. Yet the Labor Government is doing the exact opposite – by allowing new gas drilling across our land and in our precious oceans.

The Victorian Greens have a plan to get our state off gas and we're building the campaign to show Victorian Labor that this is what our communities demand. 

The Greens' plan to get Victoria off gas:

  • Grants to help households replace gas heating with cheaper electric heat-pumps
  • New homes to be all-electric, not connected to gas 
  • Retrofit manufacturing plants so they run on clean energy
  • New publicly-owned big batteries and energy storage
  • Build large-scale wind and solar, and fix up the energy grid
  • Stop gas drilling, onshore and offshore, across Victoria
  • Stop new gas import ships in Corio Bay, near Geelong

⚡ Going fully electric in our homes will make us safer, save on expensive gas bills and create thousands of jobs. 

Add your name today to support the campaign to get Victoria off gas.

Our plan to get off gas