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Clean Energy

We’ll make sure clean energy is a top priority in Parliament and fight to free you from power companies.

This content is from the 2014 vic State election and is visible for historical purposes only. Please see our Initiatives page for the most recent content.


The Greens are growing stronger every day and we now have an unprecedented seven MPs in the Victorian Parliament. With your ongoing support we can continue to stand up for the issues that matter to you. 

Join the Greens today and make a real difference to Victoria. 

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With seven Greens elected to the Victorian Parliament in the 2014 state election, you’ve told us how important clean energy is to you. And you can trust us to follow through. 

The big power companies want to keep on burning coal without paying for the consequences, and you can trust the Labor government to listen to their corporate mates.

We won’t let that happen. 

We need to move quickly to protect ourselves from dangerous climate change, because our brown coal is highly polluting - look at the toxic fumes from the Morwell fire - and it contributes 45 percent of Australia’s total greenhouse emissions. 

Our MPs will fight to remove the laws that have stopped the wind energy industry in its tracks, unlocking a billion dollars in new investment and creating approximately 1,000 new jobs. 

Our trio of solar initiatives – the solar bank, feed-in tariffs and guaranteed right of connection – will encourage homes, farms and businesses across the state to reduce their bills by going solar. And our Victorian Renewable Energy Target (VRET) initiative can insulate Victoria’s renewable energy industries if the Abbott government succeeds in its threat against the Commonwealth Renewable Energy Target.

We know clean energy will power our future - already more than one in ten Victorian homes are saving money with rooftop solar panels. 

Our environment and economy stands to gain as we fight to transition away from dirty coal by increasing solar and wind power.

And now is the time to make that happen.

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