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Greens for Brimbank Council

The Brimbank Council campaign is going to be a tough fight, but we have a real chance of electing a Greens councillor. We are standing to preserve what’s great about our neighbourhoods and we’ll work to make our area a more sustainable place to live. Get in touch to let us know what’s important to you.

The Greens Achievements on Brimbank Council

Before the Council was replaced by administrators in 2009, Harvester Ward was represented by active and committed members of our community. And between 2005 and 2009 the Greens on Brimbank Council achieved a lot including:

  • Always behaved in an ethical manner, always putting the community interest first
  • Kept our promise to obtain heritage protection for our important historical buildings and precincts
  • Fought to reduce the number of poker machines in Brimbank
  • Funded the purchase of renewable power for a percentage of Brimbank’s street lighting
  • Installed water tanks across Council reserves and facilities with hundreds of thousands of litres capacity
  • Opposed inappropriate development
  • Dramatically increased funding for cycling paths along our waterways including the Kororoit Creek trail extension to Federation Trail
  • Doubled funding for the community grants program
  • Dramatically increased tree planting throughout Brimbank
  • Commenced the huge task of redressing the years of neglect of our parks, playgrounds and natural assets
  • Put in place a plan so that everyone will have a quality park and playground within walking distance from their home
  • Acted responsibly in managing Council finances

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