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Brimbank Greens Local Government Policies

Consultation with the Community

  • Active consultation with residents and community groups regarding issues that affects them.

  • Conduct community ward meetings to discuss important issues like the budget.

Transparency and Accountability

  • Decisions made by Council should be in the best interests of residents and open to public scrutiny.

  • Seek to have Council meetings streamed live through the Council’s website; and engage more directly with residents through new technology.

Public Open Space

Seek to:

  • Protect and improve valuable public assets like Kororoit Creek, the Maribyrnong Valley and our parks and gardens.

Community Services

Seek to:

  • Improve services to allow aged people a real choice to stay in their own homes.

  • Deliver readily affordable access to childcare.

  • Expand bike paths and lanes for safer cycling and better links across Brimbank.

Development and the Community

Seek to:

  • Protect neighbourhood character and heritage buildings; including the protection of Indigenous sites and artefacts.

  • Have appropriate building controls in residential areas.

  • Limit signage promoting gambling and the number of pokies while increasing awareness of problem gambling.

Climate Change and Energy Use

Seek to:

  • Increase energy conservation in all Council operations.

  • Encourage residents, ratepayers and businesses to increase energy conservation.

  • Establish a Solar Bank to assist residents, ratepayers and businesses to take up solar energy

Better Value for your Rates

  • Have transparent and efficient expenditure.

  • Reduce reliance on external consultants.