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Greens for Frankston Council

The Frankston Council campaign is going to be a tough fight, and for the first time we have a chance of electing a Greens councillor. We are standing to preserve what’s great about our neighbourhoods and we’ll work to make our area a more sustainable place to live. Get in touch to let us know what’s important to you.

Frankston Greens Local Government Policies

Consultation with the Community
  • Active consultation with residents and community groups regarding issues that affect them.
  • Conduct community ward meetings to discuss important issues like the budget.
Transparency and Accountability
  • Decisions made by Council should be in the best interests of residents and open to public scrutiny.
  • Seek to have Council meetings streamed live through the Council’s website; and engage more directly with residents through new technology.
Public Open Space

Seek to:

  • Protect and improve valuable public assets including Kananook Creek, our natural reserves, the foreshore and our parks and gardens.
  • Preserve and increase the tree canopy within the whole municipality, to improve the liveability of our city.
Community Services

Seek to:

  • Improve services to allow aged people a real choice to stay in their own homes.
  • Expand bike paths and lanes for safer cycling and better links to Frankston’s key locations.
  • Encourage innovative practical measures to improve services and affordable housing options for the homeless population of Frankston.
  • Support and increase community programs managed at the local level to increase the community engagement of those at risk of committing crime.
Development and the Community

Seek to:

  • Maintain the integrity of the Green Wedge by scrutinising all proposed uses and actions.
  • Protect neighbourhood character and heritage buildings; including the identification and conservation of Indigenous sites and artefacts.
  • Have appropriate building controls in residential areas.
  • Encourage an increase of densification around key public transport corridors to alleviate pressure on outer urban areas, including an appropriate mix of affordable housing.
Climate Change, Energy Use and Waste

Seek to:

  • Increase energy and water conservation in all Council operations.
  • Encourage residents, ratepayers and businesses to increase energy and water conservation.
  • Develop options that assist residents, ratepayers and businesses to access cost effective solar.
  • Keep council on track to meet the carbon neutrality target.
  • Reduce plastic waste within the Frankston municipality.
  • Ensure services are available to ensure that everything that can possibly be recycled is able to be with ease for all residents, including plastic film, e-waste and compact fluorescent light globes.
  • Retain annual hard rubbish collection and incentivise full reuse, repair and recycling of all materials collected onsite at Frankston's transfer station.
Better Value for your Rates
  • Have transparent and efficient expenditure.
  • Reduce reliance on external contractors and consultants.
Public Transport
  • Advocate for better public transport outcomes and connectivity.
  • Work with state authorities to improve public transport facilities including provision of all weather, seated bus shelters at every stop.
  • Advocate for the electrification of the train line to Baxter.

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