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Democracy and Innovation

2.1. Principles

2.1.1. Moonee Valley City Council should be as accountable and transparent as practicable.
2.1.2. Residents and ratepayers can and should be more directly involved in the decisions of their Council, and it is incumbent upon Councillors to facilitate this.
2.1.3. Moonee Valley City Council should encourage innovation through engagement with local residents and foster an environment where innovative ideas can be explored and implemented.

2.2. Aims

2.2.1. Engagement with residents and ratepayers on decisions which impact them, in accordance with International Association for Public Participation principles.
2.2.2. Expansion of Council’s program of deliberative democracy programs for long-term strategies as well as important routine processes such as budget setting.
2.2.3. Explore and implement methods to better engage with and increase participation of poorly engaged sections of community and business, including newly arrived residents, the elderly and disabled, public housing tenants and children and young adults.
2.2.4. Ensure that Council information is translated and that interpreters are available during community consultations as required.
2.2.5. Live stream Council and Committee meetings online and upload to video hosting.
2.2.6. Digital communication channels implemented for Council and Committee meetings to facilitate input from the community who are not physically present.
2.2.7. Provision of access to individual councillor performance data including attendance and participation rates.
2.2.8. Create an innovation committee, open to residents and ratepayers to provide an environment where ideas can be discussed and transformed into positive change throughout the municipality.
2.2.9. Make all non-sensitive Council data publically available on Council’s website, and all available state and federally owned websites.
2.2.10. Establish a Project Management Office (PMO) and/or innovation department within Council, to modernise and innovate Council’s services and policies, with a focus on customer service and satisfaction.
2.2.11. Work more closely with organisations like Code for Australia, to plan and implement technology-informed solutions in Council’s policies, services and processes.