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Economic development

1.1.         Principles

1.1.1.         A strong local economy is important in supporting the state and national economies, and provides diversity and resilience to the community.

1.1.2.         Recognition that Moonee Valley’s local economy is built on the dispossession of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples’ lands.

1.1.3.         Organisations with a focus on community and public benefits should be supported by Council.

1.1.4.         Local economies are best supported through collaboration with other councils and levels of government.

1.1.5.         Councils play a key role in incubating and supporting local businesses.

1.2.         Aims

1.2.1.         Continue to review Council procurement policies and procedures to ensure local businesses and/or made products should be prioritised in purchasing decisions by Council, and/or Australian made if locally made is not possible.

1.2.2.         Conduct a feasibility study of setting up a free Wi-Fi network in all activity centres in Moonee Valley.

1.2.3.         Undertake a review of possible locations in Moonee Valley to set up a business incubator, where startups working on ideas with community and public benefit, have access to low rent, facilities and mentoring to assist in developing their business.