Environment | Australian Greens


1.1.         Principles

1.1.1.         The City of Moonee Valley supports a rich ecology despite its prevailing urban form and it is essential that this ecology is maintained and strengthened. 

1.1.2.         The urban heat island effect has enormous consequences for our community and must be reduced.

1.1.3.         Existing parklands are precious and must be protected and expanded.

1.1.4.         Councils must facilitate the reduction of waste going to landfill.

1.1.5.         The use of potable water should be reduced where it is not essential.

1.1.6.         All residents should be supported to reduce their energy consumption across their household and transport activities.

1.2.         Aims

1.2.1.         Introduce a strong biodiversity and urban forest strategy, to protect important biodiversity and to increase the canopy cover across the municipality.

1.2.2.         Seek the return to parkland of disused spaces and unnecessary bitumen and concrete expanses.

1.2.3.         Work with the community to establish and support community and street gardens.

1.2.4.         Support programs to work with private landowners and community groups to protect, restore and conserve natural values on their land.

1.2.5.         Initiate programs that assist residents to reduce their utilities bills, including increasing energy literacy and accessing real-time energy data to change behaviour.

1.2.6.         Update local policies in the planning scheme to require a higher standard of energy, waste and water performance in new developments.

1.2.7.         Provide support and incentives for climate change mitigation and adaptation in existing developments.

1.2.8.         Systematically provide strategic advice to businesses to assist them in increasing their environmental sustainability through collaborative purchasing.

1.2.9.         Implement procurement strategies, tender processes, case studies and other bulk purchasing processes across Council to increase sustainability in purchasing.