Finance | Australian Greens


1.1.         Principles

1.1.1.         Service provision is a primary function of Council.

1.1.2.         Council must do more to empower the community to determine their expenditure priorities.

1.1.3.         Council must ensure that its revenue and expenditure choices are fair, efficient and sustainable.

1.2.         Aims

1.2.1.         Create a revenue structure that does not unfairly impact on poorer ratepayers, including by phasing out the regressive municipal and garbage charges on ratepayers and building the revenue from these charges into general rates instead.

1.2.2.         Continually review annual budget consultation processes to ensure an ever-increasing engagement of community groups and individuals on Council’s revenue and expenditure priorities.

1.2.3.         Continually ensure that there are no Council policies or practices in place that inhibit staff from unionising and collectively bargaining.

1.2.4.         Ensure that decisions to outsource services are transparent and only made if demonstrated outsourcing is more sustainable than keeping the service in house.

1.2.5.         Triple bottom line reporting on Council projects and services to ensure transparent accounting of Council’s financial, environmental and social impacts.