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1.1.         Principles

1.1.1.         Members of the Kulin Nation have a strong cultural and spiritual connection with the area now known as the City of Moonee Valley, and their rights as traditional custodians of the land must be respected.

1.1.2.         Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples must be partners in the development and implementation of public policies, programs and services affecting them.

1.1.3.         The City of Moonee Valley’s communities are richer for understanding and acknowledging the history and cultures of Aboriginal peoples.

1.2.         Aims

1.2.1.         Ensure a whole-of-administration approach to awareness and understanding of Aboriginal issues through comprehensive Reconciliation Action Plans, including training for all Councillors and staff.

1.2.2.         Establishment of regular formal meetings between the Council’s representatives and Traditional Owner groups.

1.2.3.         Respectful public recognition for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their relationship to the land at all Council events and Council-sponsored events.

1.2.4.         Increase the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people employed by the City of Moonee Valley.

1.2.5.         Improve citizens’ knowledge and understanding of Aboriginal heritage including through accessible arts projects, interpretational signage and better resourced online communications.